Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe for Your Little Kids to Enjoy.


In the recent times, not only adults love to cook, but also little kids. It is very evident in several television shows that children are competitive enough and very versatile when it comes to cooking and baking. In fact, they can do complex dishes aside from the simple and easy recipes for kids. With this alone, you can see how versatile and talented kids nowadays.


Basic Cookie Cake Recipe


There are different yet easy recipes for kids that they can surely do by themselves. Amongst those recipes include cake and cookie recipes like the basic cookie cake recipe. Cookie cakes are very easy, and fun to make, allowing kids to enjoy not only gastronomically, but also mentally.


Although there is an available and ready cookie cake recipe, most adults and children still prefer to create these scrumptious cookie cakes from scratch. This is because it is so easy, requiring minimal ingredients and simple procedures. The ingredients needed in such recipe are also available in almost all grocery stores while the recipe itself can be obtained through different references.


Fun Learning with Cookie Recipes


Among the exciting recipes to learn is the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is ideal for both beginners and advanced. Kids can learn this recipe easily since it is fun and exciting to make, not to mention the mouth-watering outcome. In fact, the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe can be the best starting point of children for their early culinary explorations.


Apparently, teaching little kids in the kitchen is simple, by letting them help you with a recipe that they love to eat. Aside from burgers, French fries, spaghetti, and fried chicken, you can teach them how to bake cookies. Without a doubt, kids love to eat goodies like cookies. You can also teach them how to bake simple cakes, allowing them to decorate either with candies, icing, frosting, and other cake toppings.


The greatest thing about the chocolate chip cookie recipe and basic cake recipe is that you don’t have to wait for birthday celebrations, the holidays, or vacation to make these goodies. Cookies and cakes have always been significant in people’s lives almost every day; you can see them in someone’s cookie jar and refrigerator respectively. These treats are always in bakeshops and groceries. So, encourage your kids to make jar of cookies that are perfect for a snack and dessert.



Creating Your Own Cookie Versions with the Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Snickerdoodle cookies are very yummy and very easy to make. You can find these cookies in bakeshops, coffee shops, and some restaurants. However, they may be pricey especially those with renowned brands and labels. So, why don’t you create your own Snickerdoodle cookies with a simple Snickerdoodle cookie recipe?


Easy Recipe for Snickerdoodle Cookies


For the ingredients of this easy Snickerdoodle cookie recipe, you just need 2 ¾ cups of flour, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar, 1 cup butter, 1 ½ cups of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, ½ teaspoon of salt, and 2 eggs. Simply beat the eggs and butter until light and creamy. Combine the rest of the dry ingredients, mixing everything thoroughly.


Before baking, chill the cookie dough for about half an hour or until an hour. Then, roll a tablespoon of the cookie dough into a ball. Combine 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon in a separate bowl. Roll each cookie onto this mixture arranging them about 2 inches apart on a baking sheet. There’s no need to grease your baking ware or line with cookie sheets. Bake the cookies at 400 degrees Fahrenheit between 8 to 10 minutes. Enjoy!


Simple Recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Cakes


Aside from Snickerdoodle cookies, you can also follow an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe. This is very accessible through cookbooks, magazines, and numerous online articles. A chocolate chip cookie recipe is very fun to make, yielding to a wide variation. You can create soft, crispy, chewy, or fudge chocolate chip cookies, but you need to make some alterations with the ingredients and procedures.


Another great thing regarding this recipe is that you can make cookie cake out of it. A cookie cake recipe simply makes use of cake mix or cake flour rather than all-purpose flour. Hence, you can create a cookie cake recipe by simply substituting the all-purpose flour into cake mix. You can do this using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Without a doubt, you can create you very own yummy and pretty cookies by using the basic cookie recipes. These recipes are easy and fun to learn, creating your own version of cookies once you master these amazing cookie recipes. After all, you won’t need to buy those pricey cookies in bakeshops since you can bake them right in your own home.



Making Variations with the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe 


You may seldom find the Snickerdoodle cookie recipe in recipe books and magazines. This is because such recipe is very rare compared to the famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, peanut butter cookie recipe and sugar cookie recipe. The Snickerdoodle cookie recipe is amongst the cookie recipes that are much-loved by many people although seldom seen in bakeshops, coffee shops, and other pastry stores. These cookies have a strong flavor compared to the classic chocolate cookies out there.


Create Your Own Snickerdoodle Cookies


In order to satisfy your cravings, here is a brief recipe on how to make Snickerdoodle cookies. Simply follow everything and you will end up with satisfaction and a full tummy! The ingredients for Snickerdoodle Cookies include half cup sugar stirred with 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, ¼ teaspoon salt, 2 ¾ cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 eggs, 1 ½ cups sugar, and 1 cup softened butter.


The preparation is very easy. Just cream the sugar and butter together, adding an egg gradually. Mix them thoroughly. In a separate mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients together, and then mix them to the egg mixture. Chill for about an hour and then shape them into small balls. Roll each ball onto the cinnamon sugar mixture. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 to 12 minutes. Serve with hot coffee, tea, juice, or any kind of beverage.


Cookie Cakes


Now, you can do your own Snickerdoodle cookies, it’s time to learn how to make cookie cakes. Some people often wonder on what kind of cookies are these all about. Primarily, a cookie cake recipe makes use of cake mix instead of all-purpose flour. An easy cookie cake recipe only needs minimal ingredients compared to the regular cookie recipes. The cooking time is a lot faster than the usual, about 10 minutes or so.


The great thing about cookie cakes is that you can add different flavors to them such as chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, semisweet chocolates, peanut butter chips, raisins, walnuts, pecans, coconut, butterscotch chips, and other sweets. In fact, you can use the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in creating your own version of chocolate chip cookie cakes. You just need to alter some of the ingredients and some procedure in the classic recipe. Hence, cookie cakes are great additions and variations to your usual cookie recipes.



What You Like About Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe  Over The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.


Cookie selections may vary according to their flavors and aromas. Chocolate chip cookies are amongst the much-loved by many people whether boys or girls, kids or adults. The classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is considered as the oldest recipe, although it is one of the favorites by many cooks. Other than that, sugar cookie recipes and peanut butter cookie recipes are also preferred by numerous bakers.


No Bake Cookie Recipes


Cookies also vary according to their procedures. There are non-baked and baked cookies, choosing whether you want to bake them or not. A no bake cookie recipe may be very rare; you won’t always find them in cookbooks. However, these recipes are widely available through the internet; you just need to research on them thoroughly. Take extra precautions since some of no-bake cookie recipes do not provide precise instructions.


Apparently, a no bake cookie recipe is ideal for busy cooks especially during the summer season. Such cookie recipe is very easy and versatile; you can let your kids do them by themselves. In fact, this could be the best instructional material for your little ones if you want to teach them how to make cookies easily.


Snickerdoodle Cookies versus Chocolate Chip Cookies


Without a doubt, there are many people who love to eat cookies despite the flavor. They usually love to bring cookies with them to school, work, picnics, and during other occasions. These food selections are filling, very delicious and nutritious. However, there are some people who are picky when it comes to the taste of their cookies.


Snickerdoodle cookies are much-loved by kids and adults alike. They offer full flavor compared to the common cookies you will find in bakeshops. In fact, Snickerdoodle cookies are rare. So, if your want to have a try on these cookies, it’s time to find a Snickerdoodle cookie recipe, creating your very own Snickerdoodle cookies. You can find the original Snickerdoodle cookie recipe through online articles.


On the other hand, some people only eat no less than chocolate chip cookies. You can’t blame them since these cookie selections are very delicious, considering their availability in bakeshops and grocery stores. However, you can also make your own chocolate chip cookies by suing the original chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can make other variations by adding peanuts, dried fruits, candies, and other chocolate flavors.



Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe over Other Cookie Recipes, What you think


There is no doubt that the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is the most popular among the cookie recipe variations. It is very famous since you can do a lot of tricks with this classic, creating scrumptious and flavorful chocolate cookies. People with sweet-tooth may be craving for chocolate chip cookies all the time. If you’re one of them, then you better start baking your own cookies now.


Classic Chocolate Cookies


Chocolate cookies are found almost everywhere, from bakeshops to coffee shops and restaurants. You can also find them even in grocery stores, considering those packaged cookies with different brands or labels. There are also packaged cookie mixes that are ready to bake. Most of these products includes the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe or just the plain chocolate cookie recipe. You can do several tricks with the plain one, adding fruits or nuts, or other chocolate variations for full chocolate flavor.


No Bake Cookies


No-bake cookies are not as popular compared to chocolate cookies. In fact, you will find a no bake cookie recipe in the rarest of occasions. Some references also confuse readers about this kind of recipe; even regular cookbooks contain just a few of no bake cookie recipe. Either way, many people still prefer non-baked cookies aside from the sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies. This is because non-baked cookies are absolutely easy to make.


Snickerdoodle Cookies


Among other people’s favorites are the Snickerdoodle cookies. These cookie variations may provide a unique flavor and texture compared to common cookie types. A snickerdoodle cookie recipe is also rare as no-bake cookie recipes. There are many people who find comfort with a snickerdoodle cookie recipe since Snickerdoodle cookies are very tasty and fun to make.

Hence, once you find these recipes, don’t think twice, just try creating them and you’ll surely have fun with the results.


Important Note


Cookie selections and variations are really overwhelming. You can choose from a wide array of cookie recipes, from non-baked to baked cookies. You just need to widen your imagination in order to create not just delectable cookies, but also lovely pieces that are worthy to be eaten and displayed in your cookie jars. Take the example of the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe since you can create basic chocolate chip cookies and other variations once you add peanuts, dried fruits, candies, and other chocolate treats.




Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Choosing between Baked and Non-Baked Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies are amongst the top choices of kids when it comes to chocolate-flavored cookies. Both of these recipes are classics, although they never go out of style and are consistently much-loved by kids and adults alike. They taste lovely and look good, considering the different colors of candies and those tiny chocolate chips combined into the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Creating Beautiful Cookies


You can create beautiful cookies out of the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. There are lots to conjure with this classic cookie recipe such as incorporating M&M candies and chocolates, creating M&M cookies if you exclude the chocolate chips in your recipe. However, you can still include the chocolate chips in order to add extra chocolate flavor. Perhaps you can add pecan nuts or hazelnuts to the basic cookie dough, creating nutty chocolate chip cookies.


The amazing thing with the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is that you can do this with your little ones since this is a very simple recipe. By doing so, you can spend time with your children; have fun, while creating lovely and delicious cookies. You can teach them the basics of cookie-making, satisfying not only their gastronomical, but also their mental capabilities. You’ll surely have happy moments in baking pretty and delightful chocolate cookies.


Baked versus Non-Baked Cookies


Both baked and non-baked cookies are great cookie selections. However, the non-baked cookies only require little time since you don’t need to bake them. They are also easier to do than the baked cookies. Nonetheless, both variations are delicious whether for snacks or desserts.


Apparently, a no bake cookie recipe is ideal during a warm climate. This is also perfect if you want to spend time with your kids in your kitchen. The basic of a no bake cookie recipe is very easy, teaching your kids with simple cookie-making instructions before they proceed with complex recipes. A good example of this is the Graham Sandwich cookies that do not require any baking skills, only few ingredients and you’re ready to go. You can make them into any size you want like breaking the Graham crackers into small squares or small rectangles. You can also use other crackers or cookies in creating non-baked cookies. These cookie recipes are really great additions to your daily meals and can be a unique gift item too!



Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Baking Tips with Your Kids at Home. 


Chocolate chip cookies have been around for several years now. You will see these cookie selections almost everywhere, from bakeshops to coffee shops, restaurants, even in grocery stores. However, chocolate cookies may seem very expensive nowadays, both the packaged cookies and the cookie mix packages. With that in mind, you can create your very own cookies just by making use of the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Availability of Chocolate Cookie Recipe


Luckily, cookie recipes are very accessible, finding them in various references like cookbooks, magazines, and even through online articles. Most of these recipes is great even for beginners, requiring only minimal ingredients along with simple procedures. For instance, there are lost of M&M cookie recipes out there. In fact, you will come across the original M&M cookie recipe that is very easy to make. There is no doubt that M&M cookies are also amongst the favorite by many people both young and old. These cookie selections never go out of style, satisfying the chocolate cravings of every individual.


Chocolate Chips plus M&Ms


It’s amazing how you can create assortments with different cookie recipes. A good example is the perfect combination of M&M candies and chocolate chips, creating full chocolate flavored cookies. By using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can actually combine M&M chocolates and candies whether plain, dark, peanuts, or whatever M&M flavors. This combination of recipes will result to scrumptious M&M cookies that are really satisfying with every bite.


No Bake Cookies


During the warm season, a no bake cookie recipe is perhaps the best thing to do. You don’t need an oven for this kind of cookie recipe, reducing the source of heat while creating a scrumptious meal at the same time. A no bake cookie recipe is also a great thing to do with your kids, helping them to learn the basics before you go on with the use of an oven. You can also choose easy cookie recipes and bake them with your children.


Certainly, these are very easy recipes, making gorgeous cookies without even baking them. There are lots of variations when it comes to this cookie recipe. You can select from a wide array of flavors and aromas like oatmeal bar cookies, peanut butter cookies, and so on. The only secret to these amazing cookie recipes is to dissolve the sugar completely before combining the rest of the ingredients.




Amazing Cookie Variations with the Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


You can add the Rolled Chocolate Cookies in your easy cookie recipes. This cookie recipe is very easy, rolling out the dough flat and then cutting them with different cookie-cutter shapes. By doing this, you can create pretty shapes out of a simple chocolate cookie recipe. Your kids will surely love them!


Quick Tips for Rolled Cookies


It is always best that you chill the cookie dough before rolling it. By doing this, you’ll have an easy time cutting them. Also, you need to dust your work surface with flour, using the left over flour from your cookie recipe. Be careful not to dust your work surface with excessive flour. This may result to hard cookies. Cut the cookies as close as you can in order to minimize the leftover scraps. Otherwise, you can re-roll the scraps and try to cut it for extra cookie pieces, although the re-rolled cookie dough may turn out hard. Hence, by following these tips, you will surely create the perfect cookie dough, not to mention yummy ones!


Best M&M Cookies


Original M&M cookie recipes are also easy cookie recipes that are perfect combinations of unsalted butter and shortening, granulated sugar, light brown sugar and vanilla extract, egg, all-purpose flour, salt, baking soda, semisweet chocolate chips, and of course plain M&M chocolates. However, you can exclude the chocolate chips if you want plain M&M cookies. This chocolate chip cookie recipe also requires chilling. So, be careful not to preheat your oven just yet.


Certainly, M&M cookies are best when combined with more variations of chocolates than the plain selection. You can use assorted chocolates and chocolate chips, creating full-flavored chocolate cookies. The classic chocolate chip cookie recipe will allow you to be creative, combining chocolate chips with M&M candies and other chocolate variations.


These treats are very easy to make as long as you follow the provided tips, creating chocolate cookies into perfections. Aside from M&M candies and chocolate chips, you can create further variations by using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can add peanuts into this classic recipe such as walnuts, pecan nuts, almonds, and hazelnuts. Add surprises with dried fruits like raisins and dates if you prefer your recipe to be fruity than with a simple chocolate flavor. Using the classic recipe allows you to create fruity or nutty chocolate cookies, dependent on your taste buds.



 Cookie Selections – Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe & M&M Cookies

  There are easy cookie recipes that you can do in your own kitchen corner, using simple ingredients from your pantry. Perhaps the easiest recipe you can do is the chocolate chip cookie recipe that has surely become one of the favorites by kids and adults alike. You only need semisweet chocolate chips plus brown sugar in order to perform tricks with that classic yet gorgeous cookie goodness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the easy cookie recipes is the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, a perfect combination of milk, eggs, butter, and chocolate chips. Just leave the first three ingredients into room temperature for about one hour. Cream the first three ingredients longer than you mix them with an electric mixer, allowing air to incorporate so as to achieve light cookie dough. For perfect chewy cookie dough, simply combine all the ingredients and then bake them until golden brown.

Original M&M Cookies

There is no doubt that m&m cookies are also one of the favorites by many people, be it young or old. Using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can conjure very pretty and scrumptious cookies by incorporating M&M chocolates and candies. Aside from the classic chocolate chips, combining these candies to that classic cookie recipe will surely result to more fun and yummier cookies than the regular chocolate chip cookies.

The popularity of m&m cookies has been around for many years now. You can see them during the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, children’s parties, Easter, and other holidays. They are also great gift items during these seasons. M&M candies are available in different colors and flavors, allowing you to make fun with them, either using the plain, dark, mint, peanut butter, or peanut variation. These candy bits would surely work well with your cookie recipe.

Timeless   Certainly chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies are old-fashioned yet scrumptious cookie selections. These cookie variations are timeless; you can bake them anytime for any occasion. Classic cookies never go out of style! So, you need to make sure they’re always in your cookie jar.

Moreover, you create other variations from these classics, not only to their flavors, but also to their texture. You can choose from soft, to crispy, chewy, fudge, and so on. You can also make crazy shapes out of them, creating more fun and excitement than the usual cookies.

Pretty M&M Cookies Out of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Sugar cookie recipes are easy cookie recipes that you can actually do on your own. These types of recipes are easily acquired through cookbooks, magazines, and even through online articles. However, you need to use your imagination in order to create not just delectable cookies, but pretty ones.


Sugar Cookies


While creating sugar cookies, you can use the “rolled cookie” method. This is done by rolling out the cookie dough and then cutting out the pieces with a cookie cutter. Chilling the dough before rolling it out is crucial. Hence, you need to refrigerate your cookie dough mixture before cutting them out into pieces. By doing this, you’ll have an easy time cutting out the cookie pieces.


As you create easy cookie recipes, there are other tips you need to remember. Dusting your work surface is one of them. You can make use of the excess flour from your cookie recipe, spreading them thoroughly on your tabletop. Do not use more flour than what you need since your cookies will come out hard if you do this.


M&M chocolate chip Cookies


By now, you may already know how versatile a chocolate chip cookie recipe may be. You can expand this recipe by adding assortments of peanuts or fruits, creating nutty chocolate cookies or fruity chocolate cookies. Peanuts and fruits are great additions to a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but you can also add some more chocolates or candies than merely chocolate chips.


This is where m&m cookies come to life! Aside from the original m&m cookie recipe, you can still expand this classic into something more than that, creating your very own version of m&m cookies by making use of the variations of m&m chocolates and candies. These chocolate-candy cookies are perfect on holidays, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day.


The assortments of m&m chocolates and candies are varied, and you can select from plain to peanuts. You can also create variations on your cookies by using a plain color of m&m candies or creating colorful cookies by using all the candies and mixing them randomly to your cookie dough. In fact, you can do this too with the classic sugar cookie recipe, adding some spices and colors instead of plain cookies. Certainly, the chocolate chip cookie recipe and the sugar cookie recipe allow your imagination to go beyond the usual as you create delightful and pretty cookies out of classic recipes.