Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Quick Cake Recipe

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Quick Cake Recipe and a Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe  – Ideal for Snacks and Desserts


There are some people who always love exploring their kitchens, cooking and baking something out of scratch. Good examples of these variations are cake recipes from scratch, requiring little ingredient that is readily available in your pantry. You can check some of these recipes through cookbooks, magazines, and even through the internet.


Quick Cake Recipe


Simple and quick cake recipes are very ideal for beginners or those who need to prepare something very quick for surprised visits by friends or families. Hence, cake recipes from scratch are perfect in such instances. For example, you can make a delectable sponge cake just by using 4 eggs, half pound of castor sugar, and 6 ounces of fine wheat meal. Simply beat the eggs, add the flour, sugar and wheat meal. Mix the batter thoroughly and then bake for 1 hour or so at a moderate temperature.


This cake recipe from simple ingredients is very versatile. You can add some flavorings as vanilla extract, or chocolate extract for variations. In fact, you can prepare this amazing cake recipe anytime now, baking something for dessert or snack. You can also add full flavor onto your cake by making icing or frosting. There are several references for great frosting recipes, turning this simple and quick cake recipe into your own masterpiece.


Easy Cookie Recipe


Without a doubt, a lot of people love to eat cookies. These food selections are ideal whether for snacks or desserts, and they are very easy to make. For instance, you can make a chocolate chip cookie recipe for your children’s snack time or as gift items for your new neighbor. Chocolate cookies are fun to make not to mention their full flavor even without frosting or icing.


Explore your taste buds with easy cookie recipes baking them right in your own kitchen instead of buying them in bakeshops. You can also select a delectable chocolate chip cookie recipe, re-inventing this into something more special than the plain chocolate cookie. You can add fruits into this recipe, making use of whatever you can find in your refrigerator such as dried dates or raisins. You can also opt for peanuts like almonds, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.


Certainly, there are lots of easy cookie recipes that you need to try baking. These cookie recipes will surely satisfy your taste buds without denting your pockets. Also, try exploring other cookie recipes, adding variations to your weekly menus.


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I have only used this item once (therefore the 4 stars instead of 5). I made chex mix in it which tunred out fine. I didn’t notice that this pan browned any more on the bottom compared to my other pans, so it was great. Actually, I bought it to use for some other things, but I don’t foresee there being any issues with it. On a side note, I have an older house with a small oven and the largest pan will not fit in my oven. Hopefully that will not be the case for too long!


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