Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Choosing between Baked and Non-Baked Cookies

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Choosing between Baked and Non-Baked Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies are amongst the top choices of kids when it comes to chocolate-flavored cookies. Both of these recipes are classics, although they never go out of style and are consistently much-loved by kids and adults alike. They taste lovely and look good, considering the different colors of candies and those tiny chocolate chips combined into the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Creating Beautiful Cookies


You can create beautiful cookies out of the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. There are lots to conjure with this classic cookie recipe such as incorporating M&M candies and chocolates, creating M&M cookies if you exclude the chocolate chips in your recipe. However, you can still include the chocolate chips in order to add extra chocolate flavor. Perhaps you can add pecan nuts or hazelnuts to the basic cookie dough, creating nutty chocolate chip cookies.


The amazing thing with the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is that you can do this with your little ones since this is a very simple recipe. By doing so, you can spend time with your children; have fun, while creating lovely and delicious cookies. You can teach them the basics of cookie-making, satisfying not only their gastronomical, but also their mental capabilities. You’ll surely have happy moments in baking pretty and delightful chocolate cookies.


Baked versus Non-Baked Cookies


Both baked and non-baked cookies are great cookie selections. However, the non-baked cookies only require little time since you don’t need to bake them. They are also easier to do than the baked cookies. Nonetheless, both variations are delicious whether for snacks or desserts.


Apparently, a no bake cookie recipe is ideal during a warm climate. This is also perfect if you want to spend time with your kids in your kitchen. The basic of a no bake cookie recipe is very easy, teaching your kids with simple cookie-making instructions before they proceed with complex recipes. A good example of this is the Graham Sandwich cookies that do not require any baking skills, only few ingredients and you’re ready to go. You can make them into any size you want like breaking the Graham crackers into small squares or small rectangles. You can also use other crackers or cookies in creating non-baked cookies. These cookie recipes are really great additions to your daily meals and can be a unique gift item too!



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