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Home Based Business with M&M Cookie Recipe and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


There are several moms who only stay at home, taking care of their kids and everything in the house. Homemakers may have boring lives since they just stay at home. However, they can still become productive by engaging into easy and simple businesses like a cookie business.


No Time Constraints


Creating a home-based cookie business is very easy, not to mention the minimal investment. You can bake cookies right in your kitchen, creating some pretty and scrumptious goodies for sale. Perhaps, you can start with the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe since this recipe is simple, but is very marketable. Consider offering chocolate chip cookies to your neighbors, close acquaintances, and colleagues of your husband. You can also check the potential of your cookies within your kid’s school canteen.


Furthermore, creating your own cookie business at home does not require time pressure. You just need to manage your time when there are orders coming simultaneously. Hence, the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is simple and easy to do. However, make sure to pack these goodies in order be attractive and saleable.


Potential Market


Primarily, you can offer free trials or free cookies to your neighbors and friends, allowing them to taste some of those mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies. From then, promote your business by asking orders, setting a minimum order of about at least a dozen in order to ensure your profit. Widen your target market by making the original M&M cookie recipe. This is amongst the favorites of young and old, girls and boys alike. An M&M cookie recipe will be a perfect addition to your offerings.


You can also sell sugar cookies by using the basic sugar cookie recipe. These cookie selections are very versatile that allow you to create varied shapes, colors, and decorations into the basic recipe. Sugar free cookies are also great additions to your products. Some people love cookies, but prefer not to buy because of the sugar content. Hence, sugar free cookies are good alternatives, considering those kinds of prospect customers.


When it comes to your packaging, make sure that you pack these lovely goodies well. Consider investing in cookie boxes or cookie jars. Perhaps you can search for wholesale cookie baskets, ensuring that your cookies will appear as gorgeous as they taste. You can also include your personalized greeting cards in every order placement.



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Sheamus May 17, 2012 at 4:59 am

Do you have any flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla floavring. Beat 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of sugar, 2 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla (optional) add your other ingredients (not the milk). Mix together. spoon mixture on to cookie sheet, bake at 350 for 15 minutes. (until lightly brown) cook and eat cookies with glass of cold milk. UUUUMMMM! Making my self hungry! :o)


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