Versatility of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe over Other Recipes


It’s surprising how you will find different cake recipes from scratch. These amazing recipes will allow you to be flexible in your kitchen as you search for some ingredients in making your own cake. The unique thing about the ingredients of cake recipes from scratch is that they are not expensive; in fact, you don’t need to buy them. You can find the ingredients right inside your pantry, considering the left-over flour, egg, some pinch of salt, and other items you almost threw in the trash.


One Egg Cake


This delightful recipe is so fantastic you’ll never imagine that there’s something like this. You can create one cake recipe from simple and minimal ingredients such as ¼ cup softened butter, half cup sugar, 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder, an egg, half cup milk, vanilla or lemon extract.


Cream the butter and then beat the egg in separate bowls. Add the sugar into the butter and then the egg, beating them very well. Combine the flour and baking powder into the butter mixture. Mix them very well and then add the milk and lemon or vanilla extract. Pour onto a shallow baking pan and bake for about 30 minutes at moderate temperature. You can serve with chocolate or butter frosting, adding full flavor or variation to the plain cake recipe.


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie


Baking cakes are very exciting as baking cookies. Once you learn these recipes, you don’t need to buy these sweets anymore. Try to learn as many recipes as you can, from cakes to easy cookie recipes and a whole lot more. Learning them would cost you less than buying cookies and cakes in bakeshops, or buying packaged cake mixes in grocery stores.


Simple and classic recipes are going to be favorites in your home, even by your neighbors. You can make easy cookie recipes for different occasions and reasons. An impressive chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect during picnics, slumber parties and could become great gift items.


The best thing about the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is that you can make them according to your choice or variation, from thin to thick, soft to crispy, and fudge to chewy. You can personalize any chocolate cookie recipe, suiting your taste or mood, adding oats, fruits and peanuts. Hence, you can create the famous peanut butter chocolate cookies or add other chocolate flavors like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, toffee, and truffles.




We are providing free, different varieties of tasty chocolate chip cookie recipes for you to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies at home!

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