Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Timeless Cookie Selections

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 Cookie Selections – Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe & M&M Cookies

  There are easy cookie recipes that you can do in your own kitchen corner, using simple ingredients from your pantry. Perhaps the easiest recipe you can do is the chocolate chip cookie recipe that has surely become one of the favorites by kids and adults alike. You only need semisweet chocolate chips plus brown sugar in order to perform tricks with that classic yet gorgeous cookie goodness.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of the easy cookie recipes is the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, a perfect combination of milk, eggs, butter, and chocolate chips. Just leave the first three ingredients into room temperature for about one hour. Cream the first three ingredients longer than you mix them with an electric mixer, allowing air to incorporate so as to achieve light cookie dough. For perfect chewy cookie dough, simply combine all the ingredients and then bake them until golden brown.

Original M&M Cookies

There is no doubt that m&m cookies are also one of the favorites by many people, be it young or old. Using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can conjure very pretty and scrumptious cookies by incorporating M&M chocolates and candies. Aside from the classic chocolate chips, combining these candies to that classic cookie recipe will surely result to more fun and yummier cookies than the regular chocolate chip cookies.

The popularity of m&m cookies has been around for many years now. You can see them during the Christmas season, Valentine’s Day, children’s parties, Easter, and other holidays. They are also great gift items during these seasons. M&M candies are available in different colors and flavors, allowing you to make fun with them, either using the plain, dark, mint, peanut butter, or peanut variation. These candy bits would surely work well with your cookie recipe.

Timeless   Certainly chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies are old-fashioned yet scrumptious cookie selections. These cookie variations are timeless; you can bake them anytime for any occasion. Classic cookies never go out of style! So, you need to make sure they’re always in your cookie jar.

Moreover, you create other variations from these classics, not only to their flavors, but also to their texture. You can choose from soft, to crispy, chewy, fudge, and so on. You can also make crazy shapes out of them, creating more fun and excitement than the usual cookies.

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