Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Oats

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with Oats– Full of Surprises and Benefits


The plainness of simple cookie recipes allows you to create cookies by yourself, right in your home. Considering the pricey costs of goods today, you may want to cook or bake your own cookies instead of buying them. This is a practical yet gastronomical way, creating cookies for your personal consumption whether for snack time, dessert or as gift items.


Practical Alternatives


Few people know that baking cakes are cookies can be practical alternatives to buying them. This is most especially when you purchase these goodies from renowned bake shops and cake shops. Baking cookies are very easy since you can find a wide array of cookie recipes in various references. There are simple cookie recipes, although there are also complex ones. However, you can always start with the basic recipes such as the chocolate chip cookie recipe that is very practical and satisfying at the same time.


Furthermore, baking cookies is ultimately economical since you will also come across cookie recipes from left over stuff like the chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch. Such kind of recipe requires very few ingredients and very easy procedures, making your entire baking activity fun and easy. With this kind of recipe, you will be required to gather common ingredients that you can actually find right inside your pantry.


Baking cookies are really practical since you will also find the selections of no bake cookie recipes. These types of cookie recipes do not require baking, instead chilling or refrigeration only. With this, you can save your time, effort, and energy compared to the usual cookie recipes. These cookies are also healthier options than the regular cookies. Certainly, the chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch can be the most economical yet scrumptious cookie alternatives.


Surprising Benefits of Cookies


There are benefits provided by baking cookies and cookies too. There is no doubt that cookies are convenient since they can be consumed almost every time, from breakfast to snack, dessert, and almost every meal. These goodies are surely great additions to meals and healthy alternatives to junk foods and chips. Consider the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe that offers a lot of health benefits since chocolates are considered as antioxidants. Chocolates and chocolate-flavored cookies can combat cardiovascular diseases, lower blood pressure, and other chronic ailments. Without a doubt, cookies have surprising health benefits aside from the gastronomical satisfaction that it provides to cookie lovers.





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Brooke May 17, 2012 at 7:01 am

Julie Miller – That is hilarious beacuse I just finished telling Jenny yesterday that I was going to write myself a note and every time I felt like eating something bad for me I would just remind myself to read the note!Of course the best part is the half eaten chocolate bar right beside the note! Sometimes you just have to indulge ..March 31, 2008 11:36 AM


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