Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Different Fun Treats

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Turning Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe into Different Fun Treats


It greatly helps your kids when you assist them in their start in culinary explorations by teaching them easy recipes for kids. Kids learn more when fun is incorporated than a formal setting. This only means that the best way to let them bake something is to help them create something they love like cookies and cakes. You can start by assisting them with basic recipes like the classic and basic sugar cookie recipe, chocolate chip cookie recipe, oatmeal bars, peanut butter cookie recipe, and even some no-bake cookie recipes.


Amazing Cookies Anytime


The great thing about cookies and cakes is that they can be baked anytime. These are perfect for any occasion. Most kids do prefer assorted cookies and cake bars for snack time and also dessert. This is why it is great to make such goodies that simply would surely give your kid a big smile.


You can start by setting up baking activities using a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. With the said simple recipe, together you can bake mouth-watering delicacies. Allow your kids to incorporate candies and chocolate flavors in to this classic and simple recipe. Peanuts or fruits like raisins and dates can be added. No-bake cookie recipes can also be easy recipes for kids, which allow them to make cookies with just basic steps, without even using an oven.


Simple and Easy


The basic chocolate chip cookie recipe is ideal anytime, or even anywhere. These scrumptious cookies can be baked during special moments and even ordinary days. You can even use the easy recipe for sugar cookies. The said cookies are relatively easy to make with minimal needed ingredients and very easy cooking procedures.


Special Occasion Cookie-Baking


Sugar cookies are great during the holidays especially the Christmas season. All you will need are Christmas cookie cutters, popularly used are snowman, angels, Christmas tree, Santa Clause, snowflakes, and so on. The said cookies are ideal treats during Valentines also, heart cookies, rose-shaped cookies, flower cookies and other romantic designs. Easter cookie baking is also great. Bake such cookies with different shapes like egg-shaped cookies, bunny cookies, and others.


Halloween cookies can even be created by using the simple recipe for sugar cookies. Baking these delicacies are always great treats during the said season. Decorate them with various Halloween themes and designs. There are many cookie cutters that have Halloween themes and feature shapes like bats, skulls, witch, spiders, pumpkins, and so on. You can purchase the said cookie cutters in most grocery or baking goods stores.


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Muhammad May 15, 2012 at 11:47 am

Water in the morning is great. It hydartes your body after a (probably) long dehydrating sleep. Don’t know if you should have cookies or any kind of sweets in the morning at all Guess the pasta is ok. Do you rub on the treadmill to lose weight or for the benefit to your health? I’d recommend sprinting outside rather than running on a treadmill. It’s so much better, since it doesn’t strain your knees nearly as much as the treadmill would.


Mahesh July 4, 2012 at 8:41 pm

Awww.. I hope this month is a better baknig month for you. I have a project coming up on my food blog as well and the more I think about it and the many other things I have going on in my life, I think How am I going to manage everything?! and What have I gotten myself in to? .All your desserts look amazing! Even the failed pate de fruits. I love the lemon glazed madeleines that you made; definately HAVE to try them out since I bought two tins recently. Thanks for the recipe.


Little May 17, 2012 at 7:34 am

Hey E, that looks amazing, you know the whpiped cream is my favorite part! I LOVE hot chocolate, probably one of my favorite beverages ever. Have you ever tried sipping chocolate? I have tried several brands (not sure where to get them) but trader joes has a great one and fraziers sells the Bellagio brand. Sipping chocolate is made with milk, and you only have a small cup it is so rich and delicious! I bet you would love it


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