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Pretty M&M Cookies Out of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Sugar cookie recipes are easy cookie recipes that you can actually do on your own. These types of recipes are easily acquired through cookbooks, magazines, and even through online articles. However, you need to use your imagination in order to create not just delectable cookies, but pretty ones.


Sugar Cookies


While creating sugar cookies, you can use the “rolled cookie” method. This is done by rolling out the cookie dough and then cutting out the pieces with a cookie cutter. Chilling the dough before rolling it out is crucial. Hence, you need to refrigerate your cookie dough mixture before cutting them out into pieces. By doing this, you’ll have an easy time cutting out the cookie pieces.


As you create easy cookie recipes, there are other tips you need to remember. Dusting your work surface is one of them. You can make use of the excess flour from your cookie recipe, spreading them thoroughly on your tabletop. Do not use more flour than what you need since your cookies will come out hard if you do this.


M&M chocolate chip Cookies


By now, you may already know how versatile a chocolate chip cookie recipe may be. You can expand this recipe by adding assortments of peanuts or fruits, creating nutty chocolate cookies or fruity chocolate cookies. Peanuts and fruits are great additions to a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but you can also add some more chocolates or candies than merely chocolate chips.


This is where m&m cookies come to life! Aside from the original m&m cookie recipe, you can still expand this classic into something more than that, creating your very own version of m&m cookies by making use of the variations of m&m chocolates and candies. These chocolate-candy cookies are perfect on holidays, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day.


The assortments of m&m chocolates and candies are varied, and you can select from plain to peanuts. You can also create variations on your cookies by using a plain color of m&m candies or creating colorful cookies by using all the candies and mixing them randomly to your cookie dough. In fact, you can do this too with the classic sugar cookie recipe, adding some spices and colors instead of plain cookies. Certainly, the chocolate chip cookie recipe and the sugar cookie recipe allow your imagination to go beyond the usual as you create delightful and pretty cookies out of classic recipes.




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