Creating Delectable Gifts with Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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Creating Delectable Gifts with Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe & M&M Cookie Recipe


You may be wondering on how you can create unique gifts for your families and friends. Here, is how to make some unique yet delectable gift items regardless of the occasion. Apparently, cookies are a great gift item that you can give during birthdays, anniversaries, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and all the holidays to come!


M&M Cookie Gift


Without a doubt, M&M cookies are amongst the favorite goodies of kids and adults alike. These cookies are available in bakeshops and coffee shops. However, you can create your own M&M cookies right at the comfort of your home by using a simple M&M cookie recipe. The good thing about these goodies is that they are very pretty yet mouth-watering. They also come in variations like plain, dark, milk chocolate and with peanuts.


M&M cookies are created by using the original M&M cookie recipe or by using the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe for added chocolate flavor. Once you’ve learned how to do these treats, you can easily wrap them or put them in a cookie jar. Use some of your creativity by decorating the cookie jar with a ribbon along with a greeting card.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Gifts


Moreover, you can also use the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe in creating gift items. Chocolate chip cookies are amongst the much-loved by girls and boys, young and old. So, there’s no doubt that you can make these goodies as great gift items especially during birthday parties. Also, you can perform tricks with this basic recipe, adding assortments of peanuts like pecans, walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts.


Surprisingly, you can also add dried fruits to the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, mixing dried raisins or dates. Hence, you can still add some colorful M&M candies and chocolates, creating double chocolate-flavored cookies. A lot of kids will surely love these cookies for sure!


Aside from the aforementioned recipes, you can also maximize the potentials of a recipe for sugar cookies. The best thing with this recipe is that you can create any cookie variation and shapes too. Sugar cookies are perfect gifts during Christmas and Easter since you can cut the cookies into varied shapes like bunnies, Santa Claus, sleds, snow flakes, snowmen, and so on. The recipe for sugar cookies is as versatile as the M&M and the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, allowing you to create pretty yet mouth-watering cookie selections not only to eat but as great gift items.



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