Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and Simple Cake Recipe


The most amazing thing about a chocolate chip cookie recipe is its versatility, allowing you to make other recipes out of that simple one. Chocolate cookie recipes are the embodiment of chocolate deliciousness, satisfying the chocolate cravings of both kids and adults. Another good thing about this recipe is that you can make them even without an electric mixer.



Variations of Chocolate Cookies


Many individuals are capable of creating taste of home recipes by making use of only chocolate as the main flavor. However, there are other chocolate variations including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and minty chocolate that can be used in a cookie or cake recipe. You just need to learn the secret of creating these delectable chocolaty recipes.


Chocolate Mint Cookies


Chocolate mint cookies are amongst the favorites of many people. In fact, this chocolate chip cookie recipe is very rare in bakeshops, coffee shops, bakeries, and other restaurants, although people love this recipe so much. This amazing recipe includes simple ingredients such as butter, brown sugar water, eggs, all-purpose flour, baking soda, salt, semisweet chocolate chips, and chocolate covered thin mints. You can do this recipe right at the comfort of your kitchen alongside simple baking tools.


However, ensure to follow all necessary ingredients (considering the precise measurements) and baking tools in order to create a perfectly amazing cookie recipe. Do not substitute any ingredient into one that is not stated in the recipe, or else you’ll end up into something that may be edible but not as delicious as you have expected them to be.


Simple Cake Recipes


Aside from chocolate chip cookies, you can also expand your baking abilities by trying out cake recipes from scratch. These recipes often require minimal ingredients that may be available in your pantry instantly. The good thing about these recipes is that they allow you to use any available ingredients without purchasing too much.


You can find different cake recipes from scratch through online references aside from cook books. Hence, these are very interesting, challenging, but fulfilling at the same time. Cake recipes may also include frosting or icing, dependent on your personal choice and the ingredients available in your kitchen. Once you master your baking skills, you can create your own taste of home recipes whether a cake recipe or a chocolate chip cookie recipe that you’ll surely share with your friends and families.





We are providing free, different varieties of tasty chocolate chip cookie recipes for you to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies at home!


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