It is a Great Fun to Bake with this Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


It’s a good idea to start baking cookies if your children love these goodies. It is also a good idea to encourage your kids help you in baking. With this intention, you need to keep in mind some important tips in order to make your cookie-baking fun and educational at the same time.


Choosing Your Recipe


Before teaching your kids how to bake, you need to select a cookie recipe; something that they can learn easily. Perhaps you can choose an easy sugar cookie recipe or the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. These cookie selections are very easy and educational, requiring minimal ingredients and simple procedures. List down your ingredients in a paper, and try to help your kids identify each of the ingredients. With this, they can help you hand down what you need during your baking session.


Organizing Your Baking Tools


Baking tools are also important aspect of your entire baking session. Help you kids distinguish each baking material, from baking pans to measuring cups, baking sheets, baking spray, spatula, mixing bowl, electric mixer, and so on. With this, your kids will become familiar with all the cooking tools eventually.


Baking Your Cookies


Throughout your baking lessons, try to ask your kids to do tasks starting with the simplest ones. From here, you can let them do the complex task such as using the electric mixer or preheating the oven. However, make sure that you are baking what they really love to eat like the chocolate chip cookie recipe or an easy sugar cookie recipe. By the use of basic recipes, your kids will be very excited in learning, anticipating the results when those chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies are ready to eat.


On your next recipe, you can also try baking some sugar free cookies. These cookie selections have low or no sugar content, making use of sugar alternatives like Agave nectar. Sugar free cookies are also ideal for dieters who are trying to reduce their sugar intake. These cookies are healthy selections compared to the regular cookies since they contain low amount of sugar or contain healthier alternatives than sugar.


In a nutshell, baking cookies with your kids is a fun and learning activity that you can do anytime. You need not wait for the holidays to come because you can bake cookies just for your personal consumption, although you can bake cookies as birthday and holiday presents.







We are providing free, different varieties of tasty chocolate chip cookie recipes for you to bake delicious chocolate chip cookies at home!


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