Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe versus Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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What You Like About Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe  Over The Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.


Cookie selections may vary according to their flavors and aromas. Chocolate chip cookies are amongst the much-loved by many people whether boys or girls, kids or adults. The classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is considered as the oldest recipe, although it is one of the favorites by many cooks. Other than that, sugar cookie recipes and peanut butter cookie recipes are also preferred by numerous bakers.


No Bake Cookie Recipes


Cookies also vary according to their procedures. There are non-baked and baked cookies, choosing whether you want to bake them or not. A no bake cookie recipe may be very rare; you won’t always find them in cookbooks. However, these recipes are widely available through the internet; you just need to research on them thoroughly. Take extra precautions since some of no-bake cookie recipes do not provide precise instructions.


Apparently, a no bake cookie recipe is ideal for busy cooks especially during the summer season. Such cookie recipe is very easy and versatile; you can let your kids do them by themselves. In fact, this could be the best instructional material for your little ones if you want to teach them how to make cookies easily.


Snickerdoodle Cookies versus Chocolate Chip Cookies


Without a doubt, there are many people who love to eat cookies despite the flavor. They usually love to bring cookies with them to school, work, picnics, and during other occasions. These food selections are filling, very delicious and nutritious. However, there are some people who are picky when it comes to the taste of their cookies.


Snickerdoodle cookies are much-loved by kids and adults alike. They offer full flavor compared to the common cookies you will find in bakeshops. In fact, Snickerdoodle cookies are rare. So, if your want to have a try on these cookies, it’s time to find a Snickerdoodle cookie recipe, creating your very own Snickerdoodle cookies. You can find the original Snickerdoodle cookie recipe through online articles.


On the other hand, some people only eat no less than chocolate chip cookies. You can’t blame them since these cookie selections are very delicious, considering their availability in bakeshops and grocery stores. However, you can also make your own chocolate chip cookies by suing the original chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can make other variations by adding peanuts, dried fruits, candies, and other chocolate flavors.



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Poiter May 15, 2012 at 2:24 am

I’m sorry but I would have eaten the entire box! I have one type of sweet I can eat right now and I adrlaey ate half the package today. I’m not help lol.


Asep July 4, 2012 at 9:49 pm

ermm . can I please chosoe them all? Having said that, my eye was drawn to the choc chunk coconut macaroons, but I have issues with coconut so that’s no surprise. It calls to me, it’s not my fault!I feel your pain.. I had no time for DBs this month either. Let’s see how crazy March can get!


Aya May 17, 2012 at 5:33 am

I love it! So true! You hit that one on the head! I mean the cookies are all the same on the indise isn’t that what really matters anyway? And I’m with Becky where’s my cookie!? lol


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