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Turning Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe into Different Fun Treats


It greatly helps your kids when you assist them in their start in culinary explorations by teaching them easy recipes for kids. Kids learn more when fun is incorporated than a formal setting. This only means that the best way to let them bake something is to help them create something they love like cookies and cakes. You can start by assisting them with basic recipes like the classic and basic sugar cookie recipe, chocolate chip cookie recipe, oatmeal bars, peanut butter cookie recipe, and even some no-bake cookie recipes.


Amazing Cookies Anytime


The great thing about cookies and cakes is that they can be baked anytime. These are perfect for any occasion. Most kids do prefer assorted cookies and cake bars for snack time and also dessert. This is why it is great to make such goodies that simply would surely give your kid a big smile.


You can start by setting up baking activities using a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. With the said simple recipe, together you can bake mouth-watering delicacies. Allow your kids to incorporate candies and chocolate flavors in to this classic and simple recipe. Peanuts or fruits like raisins and dates can be added. No-bake cookie recipes can also be easy recipes for kids, which allow them to make cookies with just basic steps, without even using an oven.


Simple and Easy


The basic chocolate chip cookie recipe is ideal anytime, or even anywhere. These scrumptious cookies can be baked during special moments and even ordinary days. You can even use the easy recipe for sugar cookies. The said cookies are relatively easy to make with minimal needed ingredients and very easy cooking procedures.


Special Occasion Cookie-Baking


Sugar cookies are great during the holidays especially the Christmas season. All you will need are Christmas cookie cutters, popularly used are snowman, angels, Christmas tree, Santa Clause, snowflakes, and so on. The said cookies are ideal treats during Valentines also, heart cookies, rose-shaped cookies, flower cookies and other romantic designs. Easter cookie baking is also great. Bake such cookies with different shapes like egg-shaped cookies, bunny cookies, and others.


Halloween cookies can even be created by using the simple recipe for sugar cookies. Baking these delicacies are always great treats during the said season. Decorate them with various Halloween themes and designs. There are many cookie cutters that have Halloween themes and feature shapes like bats, skulls, witch, spiders, pumpkins, and so on. You can purchase the said cookie cutters in most grocery or baking goods stores.


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe – Fun and Educational Tool


Cakes and cookies similarly have a taste of home recipes apart from other gourmet dishes. These types of cookie recipes are often used during holidays as people create pretty yet scrumptious cookies for the holiday season. Majority of the taste of home recipes for cookies was homemade and created by usual people along with common ingredients. However, these recipes have something very special in them compared to regular cookies.


Holiday Cookies


Holiday cookies are considered as easy cookie recipes that are widely used by many bakers worldwide. Holiday cookies are very popular during the Christmas and even Easter. Cookie recipes are very accessible in various references like cook books, although these materials can also be acquired through online. Cookies that are made from easy cookie recipes are often inexpensive, considering the simple and common ingredients found in these easy recipes. The baking procedures and steps in these recipes are also easy without any complexities. Some of the easy cookie recipes include chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies.


Simple Cookie Recipes


Easy and simple cookie recipes are available in online and in cook books, providing bakers a lot of references. Searching for these recipes is very easy because of their number and accessibility. However, you need to search for the easiest recipe possible, especially if you are a first-timer in the baking scene. The boundless selections of cookie recipes will turn out to be very overwhelming.


Perhaps the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe is considered as the easiest cookie recipe, although it also the oldest. This classic cookie recipe only entails minimal ingredients and very easy procedures. Thus, you need to collect every ingredient that is needed before proceeding to your baking session. Make sure that everything is ready in order to ensure a smooth-flowing baking activity. Hence, you can also learn some important baking techniques, enhancing your baking capabilities.


Baking as Learning Experience


There is no doubt that baking cookies can be a fun and learning experience. Prior and during baking, you will learn a lot, from basic knowledge to complex yet helpful tips. Exploring your kitchen corners is surely an educational tour. In fact, you can let your kids learn the basic of baking, allowing them to explore their baking skills at an early stage.


However, it is advised to master at least one cookie recipe before you can teach your children in baking. Perhaps you can master the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe or the basic sugar cookie recipe before letting your little ones help you. By doing this, you will ensure a smooth-flowing baking session, fun learning and powerful educational activity with your kids.





Making Fantastic Cookies with the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


The rolled chocolate cookies are great additions to easy cookie recipes since this recipe is very easy. You simply roll out the cookie dough, cutting them with cookie cutters and creating different shapes of cookies. With this simple cookie recipe, you can surely make pretty shapes out of the classic chocolate cookie recipe. You can also use your imagination, modifying this classic recipe into something that is extraordinary, scrumptious, and delicious results.


Tips for Rolled Cookies


For rolled cookies, it always best to chill the cookie dough prior to cutting the cookies. By doing this, you will find it so easy to cut the cookies, preventing cookie crumbs on your work surface. It is also advised to sprinkle some flour on your work surface, before cutting cookies. Also, be careful not to spread too much flour since your cookies might result to hard-textured cookies. Cutting the cookies as close as possible is also recommended, minimizing leftover scraps on your work surface. By following these simple tips, you will create pretty yet mouth-watering cookies all the time.


Simple M&M Cookies


The original M&M cookie recipe is also amongst the most-loved by many people aside from the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. In fact, it is also considered as easy cookie recipes, combining plain M&M chocolates, chocolate chips, baking soda, salt, flour, egg, vanilla, light brown sugar, granulated sugar, shortening, and unsalted butter. M&M cookies are made once you exclude the chocolate chips from the entire recipe. Also, this chocolate recipe requires chilling. So, do not preheat your oven until everything is ready.


Furthermore, M&M cookies are perfect when combined with other chocolate variations compared to the plain chocolates. Primarily, you can mix chocolate chips, creating intense-flavored chocolate cookies. Certainly, the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe allows bakers to be creative in many ways, combining M&M candies and other chocolate flavors.


Final Note


Cookies can be made perfect as long as you follow all the provided guidelines. You can create further cookie variations by incorporating other chocolate flavors, peanuts, fruits, or oats to the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. This basic recipe is very flexible that cookies come out right regardless the flavor whether plain chocolate chip cookies of with nuts, fruits, oats, or other chocolate flavors. Thus, you need to maximize the impressive features of the basic recipe, making the most of the simplest chocolate cookie recipe ever created.



Impressive Features of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe



The different cake recipes from scratch are full of surprises. You can find these amazing recipes in several references like cook books and online articles. The good thing about such recipes is that you can become flexible in your own kitchen by using whatever available ingredients you have. Cake recipes from scratch only require few ingredients, and sometimes you don’t need to buy them since you can find these common ingredients right inside your home like left over stuff.


Creating Delectable Cake from One Egg


One-egg cake recipe is very surprising yet delectable. You can hardly believe that there’s such thing as one-egg cake by using other left over ingredients like ¼ cup of softened butter, 2 ½ teaspoons of baking powder, half cup of sugar, one egg, lemon extract, vanilla, and half cup of milk.


In order to prepare this delightful recipe, you only need to follow simple steps. Firstly, beat the egg in a bowl. Cream the butter, in a separate mixing bowl. Mix the baking powder and all-purpose flour into the butter mixing them thoroughly. Add the lemon and vanilla extract and the milk into the butter mixture, followed by the beaten egg. Pour onto greased baking pan and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. Serve this fantastic cake with or without frosting. Enjoy!


Creating Chocolate Chip Cookies


The first recipe is surely amazing, but the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is perhaps the most impressive recipe ever created. This cookie recipe can help you explore your innate baking abilities, enhancing your creativity and versatility. This basic cookie recipe will also allow you to make variations of easy cookie recipes like white chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate chip cookies, minty chocolate chip cookies, fruity or nutty chocolate chip cookies.


Certainly the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe can lead to a wide array of cookie flavors, considering your personal preference. If you have plans on launching your own homemade cookie business, you can also consider these easy cookie recipes. You can provide your target customers with cookie variations not just the classic chocolate chip cookies. You can create crispy or fudge cookies, dependent on your customer’s preferences. Otherwise, you can make soft, chewy, or thick and chewy cookies for your business. Certainly, cookie selections are very flexible since these goodies are perfect whether for snack, dessert, slumber parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, and during the holidays like Christmas and Easter.



Fun Treats With This Tasty Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. 


You can help your kids start their culinary explorations with easy recipes for kids. It is said that kids tend to learn by having fun at the same time. Hence, the best thing you can do is to let them make something they love to eat like cakes and cookies. You can start helping them with basic cookie recipes such as the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, sugar cookie recipe, peanut butter cookie recipe, oatmeal bars, and some of the no-bake cookie recipes.


Cookie-Baking Anytime


The greatest thing about cakes and cookies is that you can bake them anytime, even without any special occasion. Most kids prefer cake bars and assorted cookies for their snack time and dessert. So, it is just practical to make a bunch of these goodies simply for your kid’s food supply.


You can start your baking sessions with the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. With this simple recipe, you and your kids can create pretty yet mouth-watering goodies. Allow your children to incorporate some candies and other chocolate flavors to this classic. Perhaps you can add peanuts or dried fruits such as raisins and dates. Moreover, no-bake cookie recipes are also easy recipes for kids, allowing them to create cookies just with the basics, without the use of an oven.


Cookie-Baking During Special Moments


The classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect anytime, anywhere. You can bake these scrumptious cookies during ordinary days and special moments. You can also use a simple recipe for sugar cookies anytime. These are very easy to make along with minimal ingredients and easy cooking procedures.


Sugar cookies are also great during the Christmas season. Collect your Christmas cookie cutters like snowman, Christmas tree, angels, Santa Clause, snow flakes, and so on. These cookies are perfect treats during Valentine’s Day too, by creating heart cookies, flower cookies, rose-shaped cookies, and other designs for Valentine’s. Easter is also a great season to bake these delectable goodies, considering bunny cookies, egg-shaped cookies, and the like.


Apparently, you can make Halloween cookies from a simple recipe for sugar cookies. Baking this bunch of goodies can be great treats during such season, decorating them with different Halloween designs and themes. There are also cookie cutters with Halloween themes like bats, witches, skulls, pumpkins, spiders, and so on. Thus, you can buy these cookie cutters so as to create Halloween cookies easily.




Making Variations with the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe 


You may seldom find the Snickerdoodle cookie recipe in recipe books and magazines. This is because such recipe is very rare compared to the famous chocolate chip cookie recipe, peanut butter cookie recipe and sugar cookie recipe. The Snickerdoodle cookie recipe is amongst the cookie recipes that are much-loved by many people although seldom seen in bakeshops, coffee shops, and other pastry stores. These cookies have a strong flavor compared to the classic chocolate cookies out there.


Create Your Own Snickerdoodle Cookies


In order to satisfy your cravings, here is a brief recipe on how to make Snickerdoodle cookies. Simply follow everything and you will end up with satisfaction and a full tummy! The ingredients for Snickerdoodle Cookies include half cup sugar stirred with 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 2 teaspoons cream of tartar, ¼ teaspoon salt, 2 ¾ cups all-purpose flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 eggs, 1 ½ cups sugar, and 1 cup softened butter.


The preparation is very easy. Just cream the sugar and butter together, adding an egg gradually. Mix them thoroughly. In a separate mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients together, and then mix them to the egg mixture. Chill for about an hour and then shape them into small balls. Roll each ball onto the cinnamon sugar mixture. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 10 to 12 minutes. Serve with hot coffee, tea, juice, or any kind of beverage.


Cookie Cakes


Now, you can do your own Snickerdoodle cookies, it’s time to learn how to make cookie cakes. Some people often wonder on what kind of cookies are these all about. Primarily, a cookie cake recipe makes use of cake mix instead of all-purpose flour. An easy cookie cake recipe only needs minimal ingredients compared to the regular cookie recipes. The cooking time is a lot faster than the usual, about 10 minutes or so.


The great thing about cookie cakes is that you can add different flavors to them such as chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, semisweet chocolates, peanut butter chips, raisins, walnuts, pecans, coconut, butterscotch chips, and other sweets. In fact, you can use the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe in creating your own version of chocolate chip cookie cakes. You just need to alter some of the ingredients and some procedure in the classic recipe. Hence, cookie cakes are great additions and variations to your usual cookie recipes.



Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe over Other Cookie Recipes, What you think


There is no doubt that the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is the most popular among the cookie recipe variations. It is very famous since you can do a lot of tricks with this classic, creating scrumptious and flavorful chocolate cookies. People with sweet-tooth may be craving for chocolate chip cookies all the time. If you’re one of them, then you better start baking your own cookies now.


Classic Chocolate Cookies


Chocolate cookies are found almost everywhere, from bakeshops to coffee shops and restaurants. You can also find them even in grocery stores, considering those packaged cookies with different brands or labels. There are also packaged cookie mixes that are ready to bake. Most of these products includes the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe or just the plain chocolate cookie recipe. You can do several tricks with the plain one, adding fruits or nuts, or other chocolate variations for full chocolate flavor.


No Bake Cookies


No-bake cookies are not as popular compared to chocolate cookies. In fact, you will find a no bake cookie recipe in the rarest of occasions. Some references also confuse readers about this kind of recipe; even regular cookbooks contain just a few of no bake cookie recipe. Either way, many people still prefer non-baked cookies aside from the sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and peanut butter cookies. This is because non-baked cookies are absolutely easy to make.


Snickerdoodle Cookies


Among other people’s favorites are the Snickerdoodle cookies. These cookie variations may provide a unique flavor and texture compared to common cookie types. A snickerdoodle cookie recipe is also rare as no-bake cookie recipes. There are many people who find comfort with a snickerdoodle cookie recipe since Snickerdoodle cookies are very tasty and fun to make.

Hence, once you find these recipes, don’t think twice, just try creating them and you’ll surely have fun with the results.


Important Note


Cookie selections and variations are really overwhelming. You can choose from a wide array of cookie recipes, from non-baked to baked cookies. You just need to widen your imagination in order to create not just delectable cookies, but also lovely pieces that are worthy to be eaten and displayed in your cookie jars. Take the example of the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe since you can create basic chocolate chip cookies and other variations once you add peanuts, dried fruits, candies, and other chocolate treats.




Pretty M&M Cookies Out of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Sugar cookie recipes are easy cookie recipes that you can actually do on your own. These types of recipes are easily acquired through cookbooks, magazines, and even through online articles. However, you need to use your imagination in order to create not just delectable cookies, but pretty ones.


Sugar Cookies


While creating sugar cookies, you can use the “rolled cookie” method. This is done by rolling out the cookie dough and then cutting out the pieces with a cookie cutter. Chilling the dough before rolling it out is crucial. Hence, you need to refrigerate your cookie dough mixture before cutting them out into pieces. By doing this, you’ll have an easy time cutting out the cookie pieces.


As you create easy cookie recipes, there are other tips you need to remember. Dusting your work surface is one of them. You can make use of the excess flour from your cookie recipe, spreading them thoroughly on your tabletop. Do not use more flour than what you need since your cookies will come out hard if you do this.


M&M chocolate chip Cookies


By now, you may already know how versatile a chocolate chip cookie recipe may be. You can expand this recipe by adding assortments of peanuts or fruits, creating nutty chocolate cookies or fruity chocolate cookies. Peanuts and fruits are great additions to a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe, but you can also add some more chocolates or candies than merely chocolate chips.


This is where m&m cookies come to life! Aside from the original m&m cookie recipe, you can still expand this classic into something more than that, creating your very own version of m&m cookies by making use of the variations of m&m chocolates and candies. These chocolate-candy cookies are perfect on holidays, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and even Valentine’s Day.


The assortments of m&m chocolates and candies are varied, and you can select from plain to peanuts. You can also create variations on your cookies by using a plain color of m&m candies or creating colorful cookies by using all the candies and mixing them randomly to your cookie dough. In fact, you can do this too with the classic sugar cookie recipe, adding some spices and colors instead of plain cookies. Certainly, the chocolate chip cookie recipe and the sugar cookie recipe allow your imagination to go beyond the usual as you create delightful and pretty cookies out of classic recipes.




Versatility of the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe over Other Recipes


It’s surprising how you will find different cake recipes from scratch. These amazing recipes will allow you to be flexible in your kitchen as you search for some ingredients in making your own cake. The unique thing about the ingredients of cake recipes from scratch is that they are not expensive; in fact, you don’t need to buy them. You can find the ingredients right inside your pantry, considering the left-over flour, egg, some pinch of salt, and other items you almost threw in the trash.


One Egg Cake


This delightful recipe is so fantastic you’ll never imagine that there’s something like this. You can create one cake recipe from simple and minimal ingredients such as ¼ cup softened butter, half cup sugar, 2 ½ teaspoons baking powder, an egg, half cup milk, vanilla or lemon extract.


Cream the butter and then beat the egg in separate bowls. Add the sugar into the butter and then the egg, beating them very well. Combine the flour and baking powder into the butter mixture. Mix them very well and then add the milk and lemon or vanilla extract. Pour onto a shallow baking pan and bake for about 30 minutes at moderate temperature. You can serve with chocolate or butter frosting, adding full flavor or variation to the plain cake recipe.


Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie


Baking cakes are very exciting as baking cookies. Once you learn these recipes, you don’t need to buy these sweets anymore. Try to learn as many recipes as you can, from cakes to easy cookie recipes and a whole lot more. Learning them would cost you less than buying cookies and cakes in bakeshops, or buying packaged cake mixes in grocery stores.


Simple and classic recipes are going to be favorites in your home, even by your neighbors. You can make easy cookie recipes for different occasions and reasons. An impressive chocolate chip cookie recipe is perfect during picnics, slumber parties and could become great gift items.


The best thing about the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is that you can make them according to your choice or variation, from thin to thick, soft to crispy, and fudge to chewy. You can personalize any chocolate cookie recipe, suiting your taste or mood, adding oats, fruits and peanuts. Hence, you can create the famous peanut butter chocolate cookies or add other chocolate flavors like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, toffee, and truffles.