The Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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Tasty Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe and a Cake Recipe


There is a good thing about the chocolate chip cookie recipe aside from scrumptious tastes of the cookies. This recipe is very versatile, providing a basic recipe that leads to other mouth-watering recipes. It can satisfy the chocolate cravings of people, considering the chocolate goodness in every bite. Moreover, this recipe can be used even without the help of an electric mixer, simply using a spatula or wooden spoon in mixing.


Chocolate Cookie Variations


People can create a taste of home recipes through the use of the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe as the basic flavor. You can make cookie variations by combining white chocolate chips or white chocolate to the main recipe. You can also mix dark chocolate, minty chocolate, and oats to that simple recipe, creating scrumptious cookie variations. In fact, you can also create cake cookies with that simple recipe, arriving at chocolate cake cookies by simply substituting the flour with cake mix.


Minty Chocolate Cookies


Minty chocolate cookies are also amongst the much-loved favorites of many people. With the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, you can actually create these pretty cookies by adding minty chocolates, mint candies, or mint extract. The combination of chocolate of mint is really amazing, satisfying the absolute minty-chocolate cravings of both kids and adults. Hence, you can do this fantastic recipe in your own kitchen corner.


However, you need to follow the precise measurement of every ingredient as well as the proper procedure in creating these cookies. It is always best to search for the right recipe if you have plans on altering the basic recipe into something more than the classic. This is done in order to ensure that you’ll end up with something that is not only fit to be eaten, but also delicious and with the right texture.


Easy Cakes


Besides the classic chocolate cookie recipe, you cans also further explore your baking abilities by baking cake recipes from scratch. Such recipe often needs very minimal ingredients that you can get within your pantry. The best thing with cake recipes from scratch is that you are allowed to substitute some ingredients into whatever is available in your pantry. Sometimes, you need buy some ingredients, but without spending too much, considering the alternative ingredients.


Certainly, you can find amazing recipes from different references like cook books, food magazines, and through online sources. Most of the techniques are very easy to follow, although there may be very challenging recipes you can get. Taste of home recipes and other recipes could help you enhance not only your baking skills, but also your gastronomical and mental abilities.




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Katarzyna May 14, 2012 at 2:36 pm

I’m going to be making chcltoaoe chip cookies for my dad’s birthday on Halloween and I got mini cookie cutters in the shape of halloween stuff. I am also going to be using mini chcltoaoe chips. Can I use any recipe to roll out if I chill the dough for a while or is there a specific recipe that is best for this?


ELAP May 17, 2012 at 9:39 am

Thank you for visiting my if you father like the soft chocolate chip cookie recipe please check here If you prefer to give sugar free and fat losing chocolate chip cookies to your father please go here Thank you for asking have a great day


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