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Fun Baking cookies with your Kids with Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


It is a good initiative to bake cookies for and with your children. You and your kids would surely enjoy bonding time while creating and eating such delicacies. This is why it is important to make such cookie-baking experience with your kids fun and educational. You’ll never know if you have a chef prodigy as a child.


Make it Interactive


Before you start baking with your kids, there are some things to be well thought-of. The first thing to do is select the right cookie recipe which is something easy to learn. One of the most commonly used recipe is the chocolate chip cookie recipe or easy sugar cookie recipe. These selections are easy, and fun to learn. It only requires few ingredients and easy to follow procedures. It is crucial to list down all ingredients and let your kids recognize each ingredient. The Kids would assist in handing down ingredients during your baking activity.


Baking Tools and Materials


Proper and safe baking tools are essential in your baking session with your kids. Help them identify baking materials and tools. From measuring cups to baking pans, baking sheets, spatulas, mixing bowls, electric mixer, baking spray, and so on, make sure it is clear to them all their functions and uses. Your kids will become very familiar with essential tools used in baking.


Cookie Baking


Throughout the baking activity, let your kids do some tasks starting with simple procedures. Then, when they become confident let them do dome complex tasks like using electric mixer use or even preheating the oven. Just make sure to bake something that they would really love like chocolate chip cookie recipe or easy sugar cookie recipe. These basic recipes will surely excite your kids. They would be anticipating the end results of all their efforts, and would surely love to do it again.


Healthier Alternative


You can also bake with your kids by using recipes of sugar free cookies. These selections have very low or basically no sugar content. Instead, sugar alternatives are used like Agave nectar. Such sugar free cookies are perfect for dieters or diabetics who want to reduce sugar intake. Cookies that are sugar free are considered by many as healthier options than regular cookies because they contain less sugar. Basically, cookie baking activities with your kids would always be a learning and fun experience you can do together anytime. You don’t need for the holiday seasons or special occasions to come to do such activities with your kids.


Easy Home-Based Business with Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


There are a number of moms who stay at home and care for their kids and almost about everything full time. Some may see homemakers live boring lives because they stay at home only. Nonetheless, many stay home moms become very productive by starting their own simple yet successful businesses such as their own home based cookie business.


Time Freedom


Creating a home-based cookie business is easy, and not to mention very minimal investment. As a stay home mom, you can easily bake in the comfort of your home’s kitchen, creating pretty and scrumptious delicacies for sale. You can easily start with a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe because this is very simple but very marketable. You can offer such delicacies to your neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues. You can even sell your cookies in your kid’s school.


Moreover, creating a home based cookie business does not need too much time pressure. You only need to manage effectively your time when orders are coming simultaneously. Using a classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is easy and simple. It is just essential to make sure that packing of such delicacies in order for them to be very attractive and sale able.

Marketability Potential

Basically, offering free taste samplers of your cookie creations to your neighbors, friends, and potential clients, allows them to taste and be intrigued with the mouth-watering chocolate cookies you are selling. For your business to succeed, accept orders by setting minimum order limits of about a dozen. This is to ensure high profit and surely widens your market. By baking several variations like using an M&M cookie recipe helps you tap more potential clients. Such cookies are favorites of many individuals. An M&M cookie recipe is for any market..

You can also create and sell sugar cookies. This is fairly easily achieved by using basic sugar cookie recipes. These cookies are very versatile and allow you to bake different shapes, colors, and even decorations into the said recipe. Selling sugar free cookies is also a great addition to your product line-up. Some people really love cookies, but sometimes prefer not to purchase commercially sold cookies because of their high sugar content. This is why sugar free cookies are perfect alternatives, for diabetic and health conscious customers. To make such cookies your own, add some twist in flavoring and make sure its packaging look professionally made. Be sure to attach contact details to get repeat orders.

It is a Great Fun to Bake with this Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


It’s a good idea to start baking cookies if your children love these goodies. It is also a good idea to encourage your kids help you in baking. With this intention, you need to keep in mind some important tips in order to make your cookie-baking fun and educational at the same time.


Choosing Your Recipe


Before teaching your kids how to bake, you need to select a cookie recipe; something that they can learn easily. Perhaps you can choose an easy sugar cookie recipe or the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. These cookie selections are very easy and educational, requiring minimal ingredients and simple procedures. List down your ingredients in a paper, and try to help your kids identify each of the ingredients. With this, they can help you hand down what you need during your baking session.


Organizing Your Baking Tools


Baking tools are also important aspect of your entire baking session. Help you kids distinguish each baking material, from baking pans to measuring cups, baking sheets, baking spray, spatula, mixing bowl, electric mixer, and so on. With this, your kids will become familiar with all the cooking tools eventually.


Baking Your Cookies


Throughout your baking lessons, try to ask your kids to do tasks starting with the simplest ones. From here, you can let them do the complex task such as using the electric mixer or preheating the oven. However, make sure that you are baking what they really love to eat like the chocolate chip cookie recipe or an easy sugar cookie recipe. By the use of basic recipes, your kids will be very excited in learning, anticipating the results when those chocolate chip cookies or sugar cookies are ready to eat.


On your next recipe, you can also try baking some sugar free cookies. These cookie selections have low or no sugar content, making use of sugar alternatives like Agave nectar. Sugar free cookies are also ideal for dieters who are trying to reduce their sugar intake. These cookies are healthy selections compared to the regular cookies since they contain low amount of sugar or contain healthier alternatives than sugar.


In a nutshell, baking cookies with your kids is a fun and learning activity that you can do anytime. You need not wait for the holidays to come because you can bake cookies just for your personal consumption, although you can bake cookies as birthday and holiday presents.






Making Sugar-Free Cookies with the Basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


Without a doubt, chocolate chip cookies and M&M cookies are amongst the favorites of many kids. With that in mind, you can create those scrumptious cookies using the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe and the original M&M cookie recipe. Both of these recipes are very easy, and fun to do. Simply follow the needed ingredients and given instructions.


Sugar Free Cookies


Certainly, chocolate cookies are very delectable and mouth-watering. However, some people avoid such cookie selections because of the high sugar level that each cookie contains. Fortunately, there are sugar free cookies that are ideal for those picky individuals. These variations of cookies only contain low sugar level and most of these recipes make use of other sugar substitutes like Agave nectar.


The selections of sugar free cookies are also ideal for those going through a dietary plan or program. Many dieters tend to reduce their sugar intake, making these cookies perfect for their diet. Dieters can not deny that they crave for sweets at times. Hence, they can rely on these cookie selections every time they crave for sweet goodies. These are healthy variations compared to the regular cookies around.


Allergy Information


It is also advised that people must be well aware of their allergic reactions when eating some cookies. Some bakers include peanuts to the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe, creating nutty chocolate chip cookies. They sometimes combine pecans, walnuts, almonds, or hazelnuts to this basic recipe. Thus, you need to be extra careful while buying and eating these cookie selections since they may contain some kinds of peanuts.


People should also be extra cautious when buying M&M cookies since some bakers also mix some peanuts to the original M&M cookie recipe. In some instances, bakers also make use of peanut-flavored M&M candies and chocolates instead of just using the plain variations. So, it is very crucial for peanut-allergic individuals to choose just the basic M&M cookies, avoiding allergic reactions to peanuts instantly.


In a nutshell, the basic M&M and chocolate chip cookie recipe are both delicious recipes that can be created according to the personal preferences of individuals. These can be made with or without peanuts and with or without sugar. These cookie selections are very versatile; they can be even baked and non-baked. Thus, consumers must be extra cautious while buying and eating these cookie selections.





Home Based Business with M&M Cookie Recipe and Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe


There are several moms who only stay at home, taking care of their kids and everything in the house. Homemakers may have boring lives since they just stay at home. However, they can still become productive by engaging into easy and simple businesses like a cookie business.


No Time Constraints


Creating a home-based cookie business is very easy, not to mention the minimal investment. You can bake cookies right in your kitchen, creating some pretty and scrumptious goodies for sale. Perhaps, you can start with the basic chocolate chip cookie recipe since this recipe is simple, but is very marketable. Consider offering chocolate chip cookies to your neighbors, close acquaintances, and colleagues of your husband. You can also check the potential of your cookies within your kid’s school canteen.


Furthermore, creating your own cookie business at home does not require time pressure. You just need to manage your time when there are orders coming simultaneously. Hence, the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe is simple and easy to do. However, make sure to pack these goodies in order be attractive and saleable.


Potential Market


Primarily, you can offer free trials or free cookies to your neighbors and friends, allowing them to taste some of those mouth-watering chocolate chip cookies. From then, promote your business by asking orders, setting a minimum order of about at least a dozen in order to ensure your profit. Widen your target market by making the original M&M cookie recipe. This is amongst the favorites of young and old, girls and boys alike. An M&M cookie recipe will be a perfect addition to your offerings.


You can also sell sugar cookies by using the basic sugar cookie recipe. These cookie selections are very versatile that allow you to create varied shapes, colors, and decorations into the basic recipe. Sugar free cookies are also great additions to your products. Some people love cookies, but prefer not to buy because of the sugar content. Hence, sugar free cookies are good alternatives, considering those kinds of prospect customers.


When it comes to your packaging, make sure that you pack these lovely goodies well. Consider investing in cookie boxes or cookie jars. Perhaps you can search for wholesale cookie baskets, ensuring that your cookies will appear as gorgeous as they taste. You can also include your personalized greeting cards in every order placement.